How to Succeed in Executive: Top Hint 3

26.04.12 For those of you taking part in the Executive business training simulation, and for those of you looking for ways to succeed in both real-life business situations and realisitic models, here is another tip from the creators behind Executive on how to get the most out of your experience and create a successful company with […]

How to Succeed in Executive: Top Hint 2

18.02.12 If you are currently taking part in an Executive simulation; whether as part of a university course, corporate training or within a school or sixth form, this post will give you another handy hint from the creators to help you on your way to business success. As everyone knows, a key aspect of a […]

How to Become a Successful Technology Entrepreneur

02.06.11 First you need the basic knowledge: For a high technology business these days, this may mean a university education or equivalent in the right area. If you are studying Engineering then make sure you also pick up the basics of business. One very effective method is the use of business simulations. The best ones […]

Top 5 Tips for Business Simulation Success

30.05.11 The aim of business simulations is to gain a better understanding of how it feels to run a corporation and attempt to produce a retained profit. Unfortunately that’s not as easy as it sounds, so here is a list of 5 top tips to do well in any business simulation: 5. Understand as much […]

General Simulation Hints

30.04.2011 If you want to know the best way to succeed in any of our business simulations, whether you’re running Executive, Retailer or Entrepreneur, our team at April Training have put together a short list of the most important things to remember in business. If you apply these skills and techniques to our simulations, you […]

Some of our FAQs

03.04.11 Here at April Training, we often get people contacting us asking similar sorts of queries, so we thought we’d dedicate a post to explaining some of our most frequently asked questions. If you want to know more about something that isn’t answered here, feel free to email us on or give us a […]

How to Succeed in Executive: Top Hint 1

28.02.11 If you are currently taking part in an Executive simulation, whether from a corporate or academic background, look out for our handy hints to help you on your way to becoming a business star!  Executive is based on the current European car industry, meaning that it’s a dynamic and competitive training simulation.  Results depend […]