How to Succeed in Executive: Top Hint 3


For those of you taking part in the Executive business training simulation, and for those of you looking for ways to succeed in both real-life business situations and realisitic models, here is another tip from the creators behind Executive on how to get the most out of your experience and create a successful company with viable business propects.

In the real world, no business exists without some form of competition; these days there are many similar companies offering the same types of service or products. This charactistic of the current business climate is modelled in Executive through the use of competing teams in the same marketplace or ‘world’. A successful business will differentiate itself from the other corporations in the same sector through use of marketing, product differentiation and product placement. The same is true within a business simulation, where, just like real-life, the markets can become saturated and it becomes very difficult to squeeze out a profit.

With this in mind, our top tip for you is to differentiate your company. Whether you do this by company image and branding, targeting specific market sectors or offering exclusive features, find a way to make your business stand out from the crowd. Just like car manufacturers such as Porsche, Ford and Jeep, find a niche that your company can fill and there are high profits to be made.

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