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Here at April Training, we often get people contacting us asking similar sorts of queries, so we thought we’d dedicate a post to explaining some of our most frequently asked questions. If you want to know more about something that isn’t answered here, feel free to email us on or give us a ring on 01928 735 868.

What is a business training simulation?
A business training simulation is a computer program designed to emulate the business world
so that participants can gain useful experience in a safe and risk-free environment.

Why should I use business simulations?
Business simulations are regarded as one of the most effective and lasting methods of teaching the techniques of business and management. The hands-on learning style has been proven to be far more memorable than standard lectures with participants being more likely to remember, and then implement, the skills they learn.

Who are April Training Executive?
April Training Executive is one of the most established providers in the simulation market with clients including many of the top universities and corporations. We have a dedicated and experienced team who are available at all times on our 24 hour support line.

Who are April Training Executive’s simulations aimed at?
The simulations are aimed at anyone who wants to learn the art of making great business
decisions. They have also been used successfully to teach management, strategic and financial skills, as well as to develop interpersonal competencies; by students at all levels and companies and corporations of all sizes.

How do I order one of April Training Executive’s simulations?
You can order any of our products or arrange for a FREE demonstration by contacting us
via email or by telephone.

How long does a course last?
Courses can be run in one day or over a number of days. Some organisations, including many universities, use the simulations over a period of months. This is often the case if an April Training simulation is used as an integrated part of a teaching module.

Can I try one of the simulations before I purchase it?
Our FREE demonstrations are designed to show you the extent of our simulations’ capabilities and provide an opportunity to discuss how they can be used to meet your specific requirements.  For in-depth evaluation there is the option of running a pilot event as a live trial, 50% of the cost of the pilot is refunded against the fee for any licence that is purchased within 30 days of the pilot event.

What will I learn?
A wide variety of topics can be covered by our simulations, including:

Commercial/business awareness
Overall management development
Cross-functional understanding
Team building
Presentation skills
Stock control

Can I focus on specific areas of business?
Within Executive our Finance, Marketing and Quality modules allow tutors
to focus on specific areas of business and for participants to develop particular skills. There are also various scenarios within the Retailer simulation that allow the tutor to focus on specific areas in more depth. The data edit facility in both Executive and Retailer means that April Training’s simulation can be tailored to most business markets.

How can I evaluate the progress of the participants?
Tutors can assess development and progress using the company reports that the simulations
produce. In addition to this, a special tutors report is generated that provides more detail and a summary comparing the performance of the teams.

What preparation is needed?
It is usual for a handbook or scenario reports to be provided to teams along with concise user manuals, both can be provided by April Training. As the simulations deal with industries that the participants are familiar with, there is no need for the “rule leaning” stage required by other similar products.

Can I license one of the simulations?
A one- or three-year licence can be purchased for the Executive and Retailer simulations.  Entrepreneur can be purchased outright.

How much does it cost?
Prices vary depending on your requirements and we would suggest calling us on 01928 735 868 for a quotation. Prices vary from £300 for Entrepreneur to £5,000 for a full annual licence for Retailer and Executive. (Educational discounts are available on all our simulations).

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