How to Succeed in Executive: Top Hint 1


If you are currently taking part in an Executive simulation, whether from a corporate or academic background, look out for our handy hints to help you on your way to becoming a business star!  Executive is based on the current European car industry, meaning that it’s a dynamic and competitive training simulation.  Results depend on good business decisions, which is what makes it such a brilliant learning experience for students and employees alike. Our number 1 tip for how to succeed in Executive is to make use of the “what-if” facility. This handy tool is a brilliant way to investigate the impact of your decisions on the scenario and give you a hint as to whether the current round will be a profitable one. However, please keep in mind that this is a prediction tool only, and other events can occur to change your results (sometimes drastically); also the decisions made by other teams will also impact on your projections when they are included in the processing. Many tutors also charge teams for the privilege of using this facility, so make sure to check your briefing document before using excessively. Overall, “what-if” is be a useful way to test your strategy as it gives you the opportunity to tweak and edit their decisions before finally submitting them to the simulation for processing.

Check back soon for another hint from the experts!

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