Financial Simulations: An exciting way to learn about accounts and commerce


Finance can be seen as a dry and potentially dull topic by even the most enthusiastic of students and employees, but accounting and financial skills are essential to succeed in any area of business. It is for this reason that the Business Simulation “Executive” has an additional financial module that can be activated, allowing participants to get more of a feel for how to manage the money side of running a business. This is unique in the work of business simulations, making Executive one of the most desirable training simulation games around!  The extra functionality provided by the add-on means that it is a great way to educate students and company members of any level about both the world of business and management and the area of finance and economics specifically. 

The Finance module of Executive proves that numbers can be fun, with opportunities ranging from investment purchases and share-trading with other teams in the simulation and and even company take-overs to keep everyone on their toes and all the teams continually interacting. This gives an exciting new dimension to the business simulation and encourages maximum involvement as well as a healthy amount of competition between teams, which mirrors the real world of business.

Dividends can also be paid and additional finance raised by share issues. These relatively complex concepts are made easy to understand with handy hints available throughout the simulation, as well as the results of decisions being clearly shown, allowing students and employees to learn and develop their own entrepreneurial skills and ideas related to finance. This idea of learning-by-doing is one of the key aspects for any simulation and is a fantastic way for anyone to gain experience in the running of a business, in a risk free environment.

Business simulations need not only teach beginners; they can be used with anyone eager to experience the world of business and management, whether they be secondary school students, middle management, senior managers or even MBA’s. The Finance module is a great addition to Executive, and is a new innovative way to learn the principles behind company finance, economics and accounting.

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