Simulating Business, Stimulating Learning for 25 Years


It’s been 25 years since the birth of the idea behind April Training, originating from our MD Julio Faria and Cambridge undergraduate Julian Critchlow in 1986. During this time, the business has grown to be one of the largest producers of business and management simulations in the UK and provides simulations across the world. Every year, thousands of students and trainees participate in and enjoy business training and teaching programmes using April simulations.

A lot has changed since April Training first started, both in terms of technology and the demand for effective and  realistic business training. With the recent huge increases in the number of students taking finance, business and management-related degrees, colleges and universities have been searching for exciting and innovative ways to present the subject material in an engaging and relevant way. Our simulations are currently used by over 50 universities, including many Russel Group institutions in undergraduate and post-graduate courses. They are seamlessly integrated with the teaching modules, often (but not always) overseen personally by one of our consultants. Our objective is  to make sure that the students get the most benefit from having a chance to try their ideas and put their new business skills to the test. Our simulations have also be used very successfully for younger students in schools and 6th form colleges as an introduction to the exciting world behind being an entrepreneur.

In the last 25 years, the way we run our business simulations has changed dramatically. Initially, development was on “mainframe” computers, but the arrival of the Personal Computer provided the hardware training/teaching organisations really needed. Since then the hardware and software has continued to advance relentlessly and with the invention of the Internet, our products can now be used online for a quick and simple way to enter decisions and process results, anywhere, anytime. As always our experienced staff are available to answer any technical questions.

We have been successfully educating both employees and students about business and entrepreneurial skills for 25 years, and we plan to continue well into the future, always working with the best new technology to provide the best and most effective business simulation experience. Here’s to another 25!

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