Simulations for Winter Term 2011


It’s not too long until September comes around again, so if you’re looking for a new and dynamic way to present a business or management module in your establishment (whether it’s a school, college or university), April Training is the best place to get UK based training simulations. Our range of simulations can blend seamlessly into any academic course and they are guaranteed to keep students alert and engaged through the interactive methods and innovative learning style.

Our training simulations can be run either as an intensive course over a few days, or over a longer period. Many of our current academic clients run simulations that last a whole term, and include extra assignments related to the simulation on which grades are based. This is a great way to integrate learning, and assess how well students cope with applying entrepreneurial and business skills to a realistic environment. All of our simulations are based around the current market data so they remain relevant year after year. In Retailer and Executive (our two simulations that are mainly run on large scales) the tutor can adapt the scenario during the simulation by adding additional events to keep everyone on their toes!

Over 70 Universities across the UK and beyond use our simulations, so if your department is looking for a new way to motivate your students (whether they already study business and management or just require an awareness for their intended profession), our simulations are a perfect way to get them inspired about business.

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