The Value of Simulations in Business Training


April simulations are a great way to increase interest and generate enthusiasm for business and management across the board, thanks to their involving nature and exciting edge over lectures and other traditional methods of teaching. All three products can be used to give students and employees a new perspective on learning and entrepreneurship.

Executive is a large simulation run competitively with up to 9 teams. It is a great way to encourage team participation as well as provide greater experience in the world of business. Reports are generated at the end of every round which track on the candidates’ progress in relation to their competitors, and encourages everyone to go for it and think seriously about the decisions they make. For more information see our main website.

Retailer is also a large simulation that can be run competitively. This gives it similar advantages to Executive in that it actively engages participants and encourages a ‘can-do’ attitude throughout the simulation process. With ranges of different decisions from marketing to operations to be made every round, everyone will get involved with this interactive simulation. For more details see our site.

Entrepreneur is a smaller-scale business simulation than our other products, working best with small groups or individuals. It is non-competitive, but there are still plenty of challenges to keep everyone entertained! Ideal for giving a small group an insight into how a business functions in a hands-on and practical way. For more information, visit the page on our main website.

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