Manchester University Case Study

A brief report on the programme run with Manchester University for 2nd year Engineering Students in Winter Term 2010.

Run as an integrated programme for all three engineering disciplines, students experience running a business simulation over five virtual years in a real-time period of three months from October to December. This is an integral part of the finance module of the engineering students’ second year course and is the perfect way to help them understand more about the skills needed to manage a successful business.

The nature of the exercise highlights the importance of working together in a team, as each participant has their own unique role within the company, from finance manager to CEO. Modelled on the structure of a real corporation, this allows the students to gain a realistic view of the hierarchy in a business and the depth of knowledge that each employee must have. The realism of the academic business simulation thoroughly tests their ability to deal with the uncertainties that are thrown up on a daily basis in the world of commerce. The adjudicators of the module, made up of both a team of industry experts and Manchester University staff, are highly impressed every year with the final presentations and the standard of learning achieved, seeing it as highly relevant to the needs of the world of employment and providing added value to the degree. April Training regularly receives very positive feedback from the students, who find the simulation enjoyable, testing and a great help to them in understanding the sometimes complex world of business and finance.

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