Using Retailer for Retail Training


If you’re looking for a way to educate students and employees about the retail industry, then Retailer is the product for you!

Retailer can be tailored to many industries within retail, from fashion to electronics. This is one of the features that make it so versatile as a product, and one of the main reasons why it remains popular across the UK. Retailer can be assigned various levels of difficulty, so is ideal for use within schools and colleges, and all the way up to post-graduates and senior managers. Retailer is an easy and involving way to open participants’ eyes to the world of retail, as well as encourage team participation, innovative thinking and business skills development.  

The aim of the Retailer simulation is to set up a successful chain of stores in various locations across the UK, and make as a large a post-tax profit as possible. There are hundreds of different scenarios available, from a blank canvas to an existing chain of struggling shops. April Training can even create a scenario especially made for you to allow everyone to get the maximum possible experience from the simulation. It can be run in an intensive course that lasts just a few days, or over a period of months with reviews and other related projects also forming part of the training. Retailer is used by clients across the UK in a wide variety of different guises, thanks to the versatility of the training simulation and the dedication of our team who work hard to make sure the simulation is up-to-date and current with the latest data included.

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