Executive: Our Flagship Product


Executive is the best-selling business simulation from our range, so we thought that it was time to explain a little bit more about it and what it can do for you.

Executive is a simulation based around the European car industry, that can have up to 9 competing teams in each session of the simulation (often known as leagues). Because multiple leagues can be run at the same time, Executive can be used for any sized group, and we regularly run large-scale projects with 200 or more participants. This is particularly useful when April organise simulation projects to fit in with a university module as part of a business or finance degree.

Companies across the world also find Executive very useful for training and education, and it can be insightful for any employees; from shop-floor workers to senior managers! Our simulation is the perfect way to enhance a course of lectures to make the participants interested in and inspired by the world of business and entrepreneurship. It can increase competency in areas such as marketing, finance, business strategy and team-working, which are all vital skills for any member of an organisation.

Executive is fully customisable with three different modules that can be added in any combination onto the basic simulation. These modules are:

  1. the Finance module – more depth into the world of accounting and more decisions relating to shares, gilts and dividends
  2. the Operations module – further details to do with workforce management and production
  3. the Marketing module – more choices on product and company image as well as marketing strategies.

These options allow for even more flexibility when it comes to our training simulation and allow us to tailor an event especially for you. We can also arrange trainers to come to your organisation to give a demonstration and explain the ideas behind Executive, or we can even train members of your own staff to act as tutors. This has proved very successful in the past, and many universities and industrial companies take advantage of this service as a cost-effective and time-saving solution.

If you would like any more information about Executive, or would like to order any of our simulations, please email us.

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